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I’m into the 4th day of my 365 project, and so far I’m enjoying the challenge.  This collage holds most of the images that go with the prompts I am using, and a little explanation is in order since there are more photos than there are days in this endeavor.  

The tree, the spilled beans, and the flaming Jack-o-lantern are for 3 of the prompts.  All the others here are from a day when the prompt was “take twelve”, which I interpreted as take twelve photos.  I confess that I took maybe 16 and deleted what I didn’t like.  

That day I thought of all the times as a kid when I only had twelve images on a roll of film…sort of like having twelve pieces of candy and trying not to eat them all at once.  Yet today I purchased an extra SD card for my camera to make sure I can take hundreds of images in a matter of hours.   

Need I say more?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. OMG Deb, you are the best!! Such a chuckle I got from reading this. How funny that you bought another SD card, love that about you and so like myself. I have done this before many times.
    So glad your having fun with these prompts and HAPPY to see your 12 on the 12th photos. I did this too, will post later this week. Sometimes I do a theme one for these days, would be fun to do this with you for one in the future.

    These photos are all great, I love that you put them into a collage. Have a good Sunday, will be kinda warm for us today finally. Keep snapping away on that camera, can't wait to see what you share next.

  2. I absolutely love and adore your collage of photos. They are all so beautiful and well put together. Very inspiring for me to see… I may just have to ask for that camera I want sooner than later. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Well done for taking on the 365 challenge – as you know from my blog I loved doing mine and found that as I got into the habit of it I found I didn't really need any prompts (although they're still such fun to play around with!). Love your collage here, such a celebration of everyday beauty. Looking forward to seeing where this 365 journey takes you. Happy Monday. 🙂

  4. And off you go! On your 365 adventure. And a lovely start indeed. I like how you have arranged your images into a collage, giving them a wonderful impact, all these moments together.

  5. Beautiful collection of every day photos! I did a 365 last year and managed to keep up. I've been following Katrina Kennedy for a while and use her prompts quite regularly to keep things fresh. I'll look forward to future posts!

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