Morning walk

First it was the brilliant leaves that drew me in, then it was the dogs taking their owner for a walk and the tangling that happened.   This made me smile.

This morning I’m reminded that moments such as this go on all around us every day.  We don’t hear about them in our daily routines.  We have to seek them out.  

Be at peace, and enjoy the beauty of this day.


4 Replies to “Morning walk”

  1. HOw funny those dogs are, made me laugh. What a gorgeous sight to see in your park, that would call to me too. I love your park so much, thanks for always sharing different pictures/seasons of it. I have some yellow ones nearby that I love too. Planning a little trip with my mom tomorrow to look at trees, can't wait.

    The previous post is perfect for us right now in Ohio, sooooo cold at night now. I took a picture like this too, can't believe the frost is here already. We even had the heat on for 2 days now, lots of layers on to stay warm too.
    HOpe this means your feeling better!! Keeping you and your mom in my prayers. Take care and stay warm.

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