September Photo Heart Connection

These are better known as “Melmo” slippers. 
They are probably the best bargain we found ($1.00) while exploring some garage sales last Friday during my visit to Illinois for the grandson’s birthday.  And they stayed on these little two-year-old feet most of that day, making a lovely shuffling sound as he walked around. 
The connection to my heart is obvious…since they are being worn by my favorite toddler…but it also goes deeper. 
When you are two and in love with cute and cuddly Elmo, anything that bears his image gets your immediate attention.  Then when you get to be my age, the idea of fuzzy warm slippers takes on a whole different meaning, regardless of the color or design.   
Slippers go hand in hand with taking care of ourselves, in my opinion.  With being aware that we are in need of comfort and warmth, and acting on it.  With listening to what we ourselves need in order to feel better.  With paying attention to what our bodies are saying to us and practicing self care. 
I think we all have our own version of Melmo slippers…things we do that help us take good care of ourselves, that nourish our souls, that give us some ‘me’ time and rejuvenate us.  
Or maybe we don’t, and need to start some kind of “slipper action”. 

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  1. Deb – what a unique and thoughtful post – I really like the idea of taking some "slipper action" for ourselves. Now that I am retired, I live in my slippers – one of the many, many perks of this new lifestyle. Our grandson who is 2 1/2, is currently in the comic book hero stage – if possible, he would become all of the Avengers at once.

  2. I love the "melmo" slippers and where your thoughts took you! Taking care of ourselves, oh so important!! I don't wear slippers, I prefer bare feet even in the winter; but, I do have a comfy blanket!!

  3. Oh I love that – "melmo slippers" – I think I will use that as a term of endearment for when I need to nurture myself! I love your connection between slippers and taking care of ourselves, I think that is so true. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Deborah, sure brings warm fuzzy feeling to me to see so much fun have such a deep meaning as well. thank you for sharing this moment with us.

  5. How sweet this is, love his "melmo" slippers. I too seek out my slippers in the fall and wear them up till May some years. The floors in our house get so dang cold and my feet need these for comfort and warmth. Thanks for the cute picture and the story to go along with it.

  6. So true about the slippers and self-care..and the need for comfort and warmth. What a sweet image – and I can see how it speaks to your heart in so many ways!

  7. An image that puts a smile on a stranger's (or distant friend's) face is a special one. And this one has all of us smiling and feeling that warm, fuzzy feeling today. It's easy to see why your grandson adores his new slippers, and a great reminder to treat ourselves well.

  8. I don't know "Elmo" but those slippers are fun! I agree that slippers and a soft cuddly dressing gown in the winter is extremely nurturing!

  9. Such a cute image with those sweet little slippered feet. I enjoyed reading your thoughtful post too, a lovely photo heart connection.

  10. Love this idea of taking some slipper action for myself! I'm connecting with this in so many ways, including a 2 year old grand who's in love with Elmo as well!

  11. I love slippers! My feet are perpetually cold, in fact they are right now and I need to go put some on. I can't wait for them to go on sale in the stores, because I've worn out my old pair. I love your analogy of them as comfort for yourself. Sometimes we do need to do things for ourselves, even as simple as slippers. And why not make them fun? Like with Elmo on them? Thanks for a joyful reminder of this in the Photo-Heart Connection this month!

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