Saturday’s Featured (birthday boy) Images

This week’s featured images are all about the birthday boy, our grandson, Garrett, who is turning two years old today.

I’m glad to say that I am able to be with him and other family members as we celebrate this special day…which translates there will be more photos of His Majesty in a few days.   


These photos were sent to me by our daughter…the first one after a haircut…and this last one of a heart warming moment where Garrett has covered Solo the dog with his blankie and is giving him a hug. 

Pure sweetness….

So..pardon me while I go wrap my arms around Garrett and spoil him for a couple days.

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  1. Enjoy those hugs! Take as many as he will allow – saving them up for the days when you can't be with him. And spoil him rotten – that is our grandparent duty!

  2. aaawwww he sure is sweet, love these photos!! Happy Birthday to the big boy!! I agree with Cathy spoil him rotten and get lots of hugs too. What a great way to end the last weekend of September. It was a beautiful day here today, I thought of you while taking some photos. HUGS!!

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