Sharing a harvest of good stuff

These Macintosh apples are those we bought while on that farm tour a couple weekends ago.  As they sat in the wooden bowl on my kitchen table they gave off that apple smell that is just not like anything else.  A few days later I cooked some in my slow cooker, and when we came in the door after being out a while the house smelled better than any scented candle you can ever buy.   That applesauce was good stuff.
Here is some more good stuff.  Since I am traveling about and being Grandma for a couple days I have decided to share some links with you to “stuff” that has inspired me.   
Here is a very thought provoking article about change.
Brenda at How to Feather An Empty Nest is hosting the Third Thursday Challenge
Karen Mazen Miller wrote a great article about de-stressing your home.
Cathy does some fabulous macro photography. Check it out here.
Teresa reminds us to just begin with her lovely artwork here.
And last, but not least, that grandson, who will be two tomorrow, enjoyed a visit to a zoo.  Will someone please tell me where these past two years have gone????

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  1. Oh, I LOVE the smell of apples – and Macintosh are my favorites. Thanks so much for the plug for the Third Thursday Challenge – I hope you will be able to join in, if not this month then in the future. Enjoy that time with your birthday boy!

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