Welcoming Fall

Our most recent walk in the woods was last Saturday, the first day of fall. In this part of the country there is still a lot of green everywhere, yet the crops in the fields are showing signs of being ready for harvest, while some soy beans are already cut.

We have walked this path many times in our ten years here in Ohio.  To the left of this path is a field of corn, to the right the woods that we love.  As we walked in silence that day, bundled up in our jackets and wearing boots to keep our feet dry, it was so nice to hear the birds and just take in the smells of the woods.

Ahead of us on the path I noticed a little touch of fall appearing… just a touch. 

Enough to say, yes, I have come, and more color is yet to arrive.

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  1. I LOVE LOVE THIS!! Those peeks of fall make me happy also. Hoping to get out this week with my camera and catch some peeks around here. Did you get any of that crazy weather we had? It was not a nice first day of fall for us at all, did you get hail like we did? I like your peeks better that day. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photo and words with us.

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