The last two stops

The dairy farm was one of our last stops on the tour.  This little beauty was born that day, Saturday, September 15th.  I felt like we were all the happy grandparents stopping in to look through the nursery window to see the new kid in town.
Mommy hovered close by. I love how you can see where she licked the little one’s back…messed up his fur.
Meanwhile, in the other half of the barn lunch is being served.  

The last stop on the farm tour was a horse farm.  These horses are auctioned off for harness racing.  

There were beautiful horses everywhere.  It was fun to watch young kids as they walked up to the fence to pet these gentle creatures.  

Thank you for “joining” me on this tour.  This week has been a kind of documentary here on this blog, not my typical kind of posting, but I have enjoyed sharing these images with you. Thanks to the ability to schedule the posts ahead of time I was able to plan them out a bit and make it easier on myself.  

This was a photographers dream, in my book. Just getting out, going to a new place, camera in hand, makes me happy.  It takes a bit of networking, of listening around, of talking to others in the community to find out what is going on in your part of the world.  I urge you to do the same, even if you don’t have a camera, go out and see what is new and exciting in your “neck of the woods.”


5 Replies to “The last two stops”

  1. I'm kind of sad, our tour has come to an end! I love the little one all curled up and so safe with mom close by! Now is certainly the time to be finding something to do in this gorgeous weather! I've enjoyed your tour, you can take me with you anytime!!

  2. What a great opportunity this was – to experience something new and different in your community. The results have been wonderful. I love the horses – both in the field and up close – you have captured something of their nature in your shots. It has been fun joining you on this trip.

  3. What a great ending to this tour!! That baby calf is so sweet, lucky you to be there that day. We have seen baby piglets on the day they were born and oh my we could have stayed and stared at them all day. A horse farm is my favorite kind, love those gorgeous big horses and how amazing they are when racing or just free thru the open fields!!

    So happy you had an adventure that day and treats for the camera along the way. Thanks so much for sharing all week, I enjoyed it and hope you do this again.

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