The Orchard

As we rode in a tractor drawn wagon through the apple orchard on the farm tour, I sat next to an elderly man who looked at all those fruit trees with a critical eye.  He knew his apple trees and had so much to tell about them.  I heard him talk of the spraying, the pollinating, the inspecting, the timing of more spraying…of all the knowledge it takes to tend an orchard.  He was accompanied by his son on our wagon ride and the two of them exchanged a lot of observations about this orchard.   
I never knew that an apple had so much work behind it.  
The trees were heavy with fruit in varying shades of red, yellow, and pale green.  
We were given a tour of the “press” room where apple cider is made.  This one uses modern machinery, not the old wooden press.  The header photo on this blog is an image from that part of the tour.  
As I write this I’m actually enjoying a cold cup of that cider…and it is delicious!  

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  1. We all take for granted the work that is required to provide us with our food, don't we? When I was young, we went several times to pick apples from a local orchard – fun! And nothing says "autumn" like apple cider. Lovely photos – especially the closeup of those yellow apples, snug within the leaves.

  2. I love that we both went to orchards last week and have been enjoying cider. These are great pictures, those apples look yummy!! Thanks for sharing so much about your day trip, it's fun to see.

  3. Hi again, I just saw your wonderful art pages in your flickr, LOVE LOVE THEM!! How exciting that your creating art and getting messy, this makes me SMILE BIG!! Lovely photos of yourself also, way to go!!!

  4. Apple cider!! That sounds so delicious this cool morning! Wish I could join you! I love the last photo with the peek at apples in the old wooden box! I wonder how old that box is?

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