Farm tour, first stop

I have found that the local photography club is a great resource for finding things to do within your own community, or just a short drive away.  Saturday Mark and I toured several farms in the county northeast of us, in the Hancock County Farm Tour.  The weather here was fabulous, and we really learned a lot and had a great time.  This week I am going to show you some highlights of most of the places we visited. 

The first stop was the Bison and Bees farm. We were treated to some chili made with
buffalo meat while we were there, and it was really good.
 This young buffalo was so cute to watch. I love those little nubbins growing on this head!
 We didn’t see the actual bee hives, but did go into the building where they process the honey.
It smelled so wonderful inside.  And a jar of this did come home with us.
 I wonder if they have a home brewery? 
 The garden was really beautiful and full of lots of good veggies, herbs, flowers. 
At the end of the day I had 248 images in my camera, but I have whittled that down a bit and now maybe have less than half that amount.   All of these images here are taken with my 70-200 Tamron lens.  I had it set to shutter priority, which was perfect for these conditions.  The more I use that lens, the more comfortable I am in using it.
This kind of practicing is the kind I like…

4 Replies to “Farm tour, first stop”

  1. WOW, how wonderful these are!! Love love that second one, he's sooo cute and look at those flowers still looking so pretty. What a fun trip this must have been, guess we both had apples on our mind this week. Just love the fall and fun things you can do during it. Looking forward to more of your tour photos.
    p.s. That is a lot of photos for one day and sounds just like what I would do also, great job with the lens too!!

  2. You really took some great picutres of your farm tour! I love the little guy! He looks like he's keeping an eye on you! Hmmm! That honey looks great! Looking forward to seeing more!

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