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For the Saturday Featured Image this week I’m also sharing my exploration of the use of space, linking with Kat and her Exploring With A Camera series.  She asks a couple of important questions…”How do you allow space? Is space only created by a big open sky?”  And the answer is no, there are many creative ways to use space as we compose our images.  

I did use the expanse of blue sky to help frame this little sparrow on top of a shed.
 To draw your eye just to the clover I composed this image using the space around it. 
The nice blurred background is a wooded area. 
I know that I was not actually thinking about the use of space in any of these images.
Seems that with time and practice it became part of what I do.
It was easy to create space around this leaf floating in a pond.
I love what the use of space can do for an image.  
That statement, “Less is more,” really applies here. 
Truth be told, I just like this one.  It uses the expanse of the grass
in the foreground as space which I think leads your eye to the shadows.
The space of the broken wall serves as a frame for the space you see beyond
the destruction.  Yes, you see more destruction, but the contrasting light and color
is what catches your eye. 

The Exploring With A Camera series is fun, informative, and free.  If you click on the link below you will be able to view the many different topics that have been explored by Kat and so many others.  Even if you did not want to post your images online, you could practice with these topics and see the difference it can make.  I hope you’ll take a moment to check it out.

11 Replies to “Saturday’s Featured Images”

  1. Beautiful examples of the expansiveness of space and how it can fill our images. Love that last one – with the sharp contrast in the color tones, drawing us in to that amazing blue – it almost looks like water.

  2. Less is more…..I need to remind myself of that. These are great examples of allowing space — the monotone tree shadow really appeals to me, as does that sweet bird on the rooftop.

  3. These are all such great examples of space! I feel a sense of peace after looking at them! A little space to breath, I guess! The leaf is stunning on the still water!

  4. Wonderful exploration of space Deb! I love that image of the tree shadows too. The expanse of grass leads me right to the shadows, and I like the repetition of the shadows and trunks as well. The last example is great! Space doesn't have to be "blank" as you show with the wall. Thanks for sharing these in Exploring with a Camera, and thanks for the very nice encouragement to others to join in!

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