It’s The Process

This was created at ArtiGras (a fund raising event for this organization) about two years ago. My friends and I have attended this since 2006, enjoying the day together and spending hours creating art…though we never thought of ourselves as artists. It was through these yearly events that I believe the artist within me came to life.

In this piece there is the black of outer space, and the bands of color that are like the rings around Saturn.  Paper doll like cutouts represent all of humanity, and there are bits and pieces of each of us ‘out there’, as our thoughts and love are circulated in the Universe.  And there are stars of light on each person, right where the heart lies, but these bits of light are also circulating throughout the world.  

It’s more than just the fabric and glue, paper and stars and gold threaded stitching. It’s much more than the less-than-perfect appearance of my little project.

It is about the process of creating, of listening to the ‘instructions’ from somewhere deep in the heart, then getting out of the way and allowing it to become. And it is also about seeing the beauty and the message no matter the rough edges and the wrinkles.

The message for me that day (and now) was that no matter how we look on the outside or where we are or what we believe, we all carry The Light within us. When we learn how to see that Divine Light in one another then this world is a much brighter, much better place.

I’m honored to be sharing my words today over at Vision and Verb.

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  1. How amazing this is!! The art and your beautiful words have touched me this morning, thank you so much for being a continuing inspiration to me. What a great idea for people to get together and share this moment, let their lights shine on bright!

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