creative space

When all those ideas in my head come together,
and the fabric and thread and glue and beads combine in one piece…
I put it all together here in my creative space.
That window faces east, and for a large part of the day the light in this room is perfect.
My sewing table is a catch-all, complete with camera bag on top,
and art supplies beneath.
 In that same room is my desk, where I put together my blog posts.
And sometimes I spend way too much time staring at that screen. Can you relate?
 And in the corner a new “space” is under development.
I’ll update you on that later this month.
When I’m upstairs there is usually at least one sweet little kitty nearby, though he is 
not always this peaceful. He usually wants to be right in my lap, snuggling.

That’s part of my world, where sometimes inspiration comes easily, and sometimes not.
Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a bit more of my story, and talk about how making art in another place and time helped me come back to who I really am.

6 Replies to “creative space”

  1. How nice to see your creative space, it's so wonderful. Isn't that natural light the best, all my windows make me happy also. I like seeing your art around you and LOTS OF BOOKS, how inspiring for you.

    Excited to read the next part of this story and that peek in the first photo!!!!
    Thanks for sharing this with us, enjoyed it so much!!

  2. Several blog friends have these special creative places…I need to work on mine…the office my husband used to have. I have my back to the window…how silly is that when dark winter is just around the corner! And yes, I spend too much time staring at the screen. (o:

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