on my sewing table

Something about this time of year brings out more creativity in me than perhaps any other time.  It’s as though I have been growing ideas in the summer and now the “harvest” begins.  Do any of you experience anything like this?  It’s not that I am producing bunches and bushels of anything, just that those projects come together in my mind…and I put them together.

It probably helps that Saturday I worked on cleaning up my creative space, getting rid of excess scraps and items that I was just sure I would use someday.   About 3 or 4 garbage bags of someday got recycled.  Amazing how freeing that is.  

There remains what I love to put together; bits of old tatting, fabric scraps, scrap book papers, buttons, card stock. I decided to snap a photo of that wonderful mess so that I could share it with you here.  

Taking what gets thrown together in a heap, sorting and mixing and layering and blending and gluing and stitching….to create what holds meaning and a bit of my story.  Getting lost in the process and loving every moment of it.   

I’d love to hear your thoughts. How does the creative thing (no matter what art medium you favor) happen for you?

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  1. I love this photo and what it means to you Deb, harvesting this time of year is for me also. This time of year is my favorite and I love to keep creating and catching up before the holidays come. I know for sure it's the cooler air and new fall colors that inspire me more then any other time of year.
    Hope you share what your creating with us, it's making me want to pull out my sewing machine also.

  2. Hi Deborah! I received you lovely bee photo postcard for the Liberate your Art postcard swap. I came here thinking of you only as a photographer and am seeing that's not true – you sew as well! Wonderful to have lots of outlets to create.
    The creative thing, I have to say, comes and goes for me. Its been away for a while just sort of sputtering at best. It is just now starting to come back – finally… seemed like forever. When its with me in full swing – it just happens. Thoughts fly into my head. Sometimes they come while I am in my studio and sometimes just randomly. Some are great, some are not. I try to write or sketch the good ones, so that I won't forget.
    Lovely work here. Looking forward to seeing you in the blog hop!

  3. I love the pinkish-mauve color scheme of your image – with its messy collection of inspirational pieces and parts that I'm sure will become something extraordinary.

  4. Beautiful mess!! I'm looking forward to seeing some of you creative pieces! I think the cooler weather has made me more active and brough on a creative spirit!! I've been scrapbooking everyday this week!

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