Storm clouds over the lake

Summer was ending. You could feel it in the air. Off in the distance a storm was approaching. We wandered around the edge of the lake, watching a few boats in the water, enjoying the warm breeze.  The scent in the air was of that lake, of fishing, of muddy water…bringing back memories of camping around lakes just like this.
As the clouds overtook us there was a brief moment when the sun almost fought it’s way through those clouds, as if to say, “You can’t take away the warmth of my light yet, I’m not finished…”  And for a moment, glorious warmth and light touched the trees. 
We continued our walk, and I found more Queen Ann’s lace and had to try again to get images of that lovely bloom.  When I got home I found that while I was paying attention to those flowers, a caterpillar was lurking along the very edge of one of my photos.  
There is always so much to see.
So much
to see.

8 Replies to “Storm clouds over the lake”

  1. Storm clouds-nice contrast with the blues and greens. Isn't it funny what you see in your photos when you slow down and take a look. So oft I find a little bonus or unrealized brilliance at the time of capture simply flying on momentary instinct. We were thinking about stopping and taking time to observe surroundings, and then there's the flipside. Being a photog is such fun.

  2. "There is always so much to see." Yes, Deb…this is so so true–we simply need to open our eyes.

    Such gorgeous images–thank you for taking me along on your beautiful, eye-opening walk.

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