Ladybug on a leaf

Last week I set out for a photo walk on my own and wasn’t sure where to go.  The thought came to me that if I just go to a familiar place (my favorite park) and just stay in one little area, maybe I would see things I had not noticed before. 

This proved to be true.

Under a big old tree I noticed so many little things that I usually overlook,  Near the end of my little adventure I was looking at leaves and seeing that change in color that I mentioned the other day.  

And here was this cute little ladybug.

And there was the light, 
and the soft breeze that stirred the leaves, 
and the tiny black dots on the bug…

And the awareness that no matter how small or insignificant, every creature in the Universe matters.  Every one.

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15 Replies to “Ladybug on a leaf”

  1. aawww how cute is this. you have agreat eye Deb, always find those little creatures don't you. I walked thru my garden and took pictures of the change going on in there, LOVE THIS!! No cute little bugs at my house though, too bad for me.

  2. Isn't it amazing what you find when you just slow down? When I'm having trouble finding something to shoot-I do what you did, just stop and see what it is I'm missing. This little lady is a great find, and you're right-the light is perfect.

  3. I do this too. Go back, over and over, to the same places, searching for something new, something different, from the last time I was there. And I almost always find it. Isn't that the very best gift that photography can give us? That ladybug looks to be at the summit of a long, upward climb, perfectly poised for whatever comes next. Beautiful shot.

  4. Garrett was near me when I read this yesterday, and I wish you could have seen his face! One of the library books we have right now is "What The Ladybug Heard" by Julia Donaldson, and Garrett's favorite part is finding the tiny ladybug on each page.

  5. Beautiful image!! So glad you saw this little ladybug!! The majority of my nature photos are taken on our three acres! It's not really big, but everyday I can find something new! Keeps me inspired!

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