Photo Heart Connection – Aug. 2012

Just a year ago I was about to finish an online photography course with Kat, and most of my blog posts dealt with what I was learning along the way.  It’s been amazing to look back, read and ‘see’ where I was as a photographer then, and think about how I have changed and grown.  

That’s why I chose this image for the August photo heart connection.  That burst of light represents so much.  It’s about being there at a time when you can experience the beauty of nature and the morning sun. It’s also about learning to move around a subject until you find the image you want to capture.  And it’s about knowing more about the camera and how to use it’s settings to play with that fabulous light.  

More importantly, to me, is being still, 
as still as the water in the pond that day, 
still enough to listen to what is in my heart, 
still enough to let that light dance and draw me in.  

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12 Replies to “Photo Heart Connection – Aug. 2012”

  1. Deb – what wonderful lessons you have drawn from this image – to be a witness to your own growth as a photographer and a person. That starburst of light is stunning but as Marcie said, it is the perfect stillness that is the attraction.

  2. I can absolutely understand why you chose this photo! It's such a strong, symbolic image and has a beauty on it's own. I enjoyed what you wrote to go with it too, maybe I'll check the courses out one day…

  3. A lovely image to represent stillness. I love the way the light is creating patterns on the ground and the perfect star-shape of sunlight appearing in the branches! Yes, moving around subjects until we get the angle that comes out the way we like it the best! I learnt that with Kat too!
    Have a lovely day! Sandra

  4. How beautiful, I love the sunburst and the stillness of the water. And I loved reading your PH connection. I was thinking how far I've come in this year since first taking Kat's class too. And I think, like you, a lot of it is about listening to what's in my heart. You've expressed it beautifully.

  5. Perfect! You sum up so nicely what I've learned as well. From great teachers like Kat and from being still and quite enough to hear our own voices. Beautiful picture! Thanks for your kind words as well : )

  6. Deb, your words and your image are so expressive, as always. I love the way you sum up what you have learned over the past year, and your photo is the perfect illustration of the value of letting ourselves just be still.

  7. Deb, it is so wonderful to read this, and to see you looking back and acknowledging the growth you have found. It has been so wonderful to witness it along the way and get to know you through your images and words. A beautiful image today, so perfectly expressing all that you've written. Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection!

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