As I studied this nest it occurred to me that the birds who created it know what to do.
They just know.  The Source of Life has given them the instinct and wisdom to 
choose just the right kind of twigs, and string and stuff, 
and then the knowing of how to weave them together.
 The perfect little nest. A small miracle.
What came to my mind is… why should I ever doubt myself?
That same Source of Life looks over me, and you, giving us just what we need.
 Today it took a simple little nest to bring that lesson home.
Sending you peace….

3 Replies to “guidance”

  1. Lovely thoughts-and some to ponder. As little ones we seem to charge ahead, even tho oft frustrated, but as time moves on it seems timidness grows unless we fight it.
    Great post today.

  2. I'm always amazed when I have the chance to look closely at a nest. I never know what I'll find woven there! Beautiful thoughts to go with your image!

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