A Walk in the Rain

Monday morning, the beginning of a new week, and rain is falling.  

A gentle rain, just what we need after all this time of drought.  The sounds of the drops on the roof almost lull me back to sleep.  Gentle, quiet sounds. 

I only had to think about it for a minute or two, then I did what my heart was telling me…put on a jacket, and hat, grabbed the camera and went to a park.  Then I intentionally walked in the rain, for the first time in years.  

Why is it that we want to do this when we are kids, want to play in the rain, and then when we “grow up” we decide it’s not a good idea?  

When I could feel the rain running behind my ears I decided to get back home.   

What stays with me is the soft music of the rain falling on the earth, a sweet bunch of robins gathering worms from the moist ground, the aroma of the rain and the damp earth, and the glistening jewels on everything.

10 Replies to “A Walk in the Rain”

  1. This is beautiful Deb, the photo and the words! How awesome that you walked in the rain and enjoyed it!!! I was in the rain too but had my umbrella with me, lol

    I do not like to have wet clothes on so no playing in the rain for me. Maybe I will give it a try though after reading this.


  2. So beautiful Deb. Since I'm guessing we got the same rain fall…you made a great choice. I think it would have been a perfect rain to walk in. I decided to sleep in to the soft sound of it on my roof…Nothing is better – whether you walk or sleep – than a peaceful morning rain.

  3. You did what your heart told you to do…that is wonderful! Beautiful photo and memories. After moving to PR I bought an umbrella so that I could get out in the rain here with my camera. It was one of my best purchases. There is something expansive about a walk in the rain.

  4. Hi Deb, you have a lot of wonderful photos on your website. Thank you for the lovely card which dropped into my mailbox via Kat's postcard swap. Best wishes from Rhineland, Valerie

  5. Oh, so very true. I can remember begging my mom to let me put on my bathing suit and go outside to play in the warm, summer rain – the absolute height of fun. You words certainly evoked that wonder again.

  6. Beautiful image, such fantastic focus! When I visited my grandsons recently it began to drizzle and we all giggled and played in the rain! What fun to feel like a child again!

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