Rest and relaxation

Sometimes you just can’t help it.  The eyes just won’t stay open any longer.
 I had to imitate Yeller and Rossfeld this weekend.
After a busy week and Saturday’s events, I was just like these guys. 
How about you? Did you find time for some R & R the last couple of days?
Sending you peace and blessings on this Monday.

7 Replies to “Rest and relaxation”

  1. Ah, they look so comfy!! We made a road trip this weekend and spent a lovely three days on a moutain top with the wind blowing and cooler temperatures…yes, relaxing is the word!!

  2. I just said to my husband this evening that i was sad that summer was ending, maybe not quite enough R and R…maybe we will have a more relaxing fall ahead. Great photos…at least somebody is relaxing!

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