Softly touching down
landing just where he’s supposed to.
Balanced, poised, lacy winged perfection.
I have fallen in love with dragonflies this summer…
in case you hadn’t noticed.

12 Replies to “landing”

  1. It is great fun to develop a new photography obsession. Your dragonfly series is so beautiful – I love the sense of light and movement behind this little guy, perched for just a second before heading off again.

  2. WOW, you did it again. How awesome that you caught him at just the right moment!! LOVE LOVE THIS and that you are having fun with dragonflies this summer. Beautiful photo!

  3. Beautiful, Deborah!! Dragonflies are fascinating, they're transparent wings don't seem strong enough to hold them up! They flit from here to there, but when they finally land, they don't seem to mind a camera pointed at them!

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