And so it begins…

always began toward the end of August where I lived, which is why
this time of year finds me remembering the sights and sounds
connected with walking to school. The air was always just a bit
cooler in the late summer mornings, the grass damp with dew. There
was excitement in the air, anticipation of what the year would bring.

by my computer this morning is a box of fresh new crayons, with
perfectly shaped points, in an unblemished box. I put them to my
nose, just like I once did in elementary school, and inhale that
unique smell of wax, which then makes me think of school rooms and
cleaned floors and mimeographed papers. There was always something
special about starting the school year with a fresh supply of these
bright colors, along with the paper and pencils, and new shoes.
this crayon box there are terms that were not there years ago, the
color described in three languages instead of one, and words like
“non-toxic” and “made with solar energy”, plus the address
for a website…totally unheard of when I made all those daily walks
on that well worn sidewalk. This world of today is so different.
It’s heart warming to see that a simple tool for drawing remains
pretty much unchanged, in spite of what the packaging may say.
feels very much like an incredible new beginning as I share my image
and words here. In some ways I’m like a giddy little school girl,
jumping up and down and squealing. This opportunity is going to
make me stretch and grow in new ways, and there is a little bit of
fear of the unknown in that.
I’m also reaching for my favorite box of tools, looking for that
which is familiar in this ever changing world. I feel the waxy
surface of the orange crayon, the paper wrap that is still intact,
and I wonder…just what I can create with this?
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  1. Oh Deb, this is sooooo true for me also. My box is right on my table and I get so excited seeing all the color peeking out of the box. What great observations you made about the past and present, so many changes have come and will keep coming in our lives.
    Schooling for us will be VERY DIFFERENT this year, trying to stay open and postive about it. I'm not one to go out of my comfort zone so this is WAY out there.
    Thanks for sharing this fun post, LOVED IT!!

    I just read thru your past posts and enjoyed them. The fair photos are so cool! The bank is gorgeous, you captured it well. The WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED post is right on, I feel the same way my friend.

  2. I can not resist going down the school aisle this time of year! I will not tell how many boxes of crayons I own! New colors, new pencils, notebooks ready to be written in…oh the possibilities!! Life is about change and things certainly are different, but I'm with you in wanting to embrace the new and see what I can create!

    1. Cathy, I love it that you won't tell us how many boxes of crayons you own! We'll have to force it out of you, I suppose. Actually, it's great that you have them, that you want to create and just enjoy.

  3. Your post brought back so many memories for me — both of my own childhood school days, as well as when i was a Kindergarten teacher. I am happy to see that my grandson's preschool day is not so different from their Mom's early childhood experiences. Crayons, paint, play dough, sand, water — all important materials to explore. The world is a changing quickly, but the needs of children remain the same. Beautiful shot of the crayons!

    1. Gina,
      I also recall having larger crayons to fit my little hands when I was in first grade. My hubby reminded me of those yesterday. And we adults had an interesting discussion as to whether the crayons actually smell the same now as then.

      Details, details…

      Thanks for your remarks!

  4. Love! Who can resist a brand new package of perfectly sharpened crayons… they are almost too wonderful to use. And for as much as they've changed, they've stayed quite the same as well….

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