The colors at the fair

That middle of the day, deep blue summer sky
Colorful flags pointing toward the sky and the cotton candy clouds
The sudsy water of grooming and caring, and cute little pink socks
Hot pink in a horse barn
Colorful feathers of her little pet chicken
The piece of straw on her head
The red and white in the poultry barn
~Scenes from the Allen County Fair~

7 Replies to “The colors at the fair”

  1. Colors of fun! Love that first one, with the red-and-white stripes contrasting against that perfect blue summertime sky. Great composition – giving us just enough of the tent top to recogize we have wandered into the magic of the fair.

    1. Yes, Brenda, colors of fun. I like that description. Going to the fair now really makes me think of how I bugged my parents to let us go every night the fair was in town. Some of the sights and sounds and smells are the same as then.

  2. The bright colors of a fair just shout happiness!! I love the colors in the first one and adore the lamb!! You definitely brightened my morning!!

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