Saturday’s Feature and Exploring Repetition

I have searched my archives from this summer and found several images that demonstrate the use of repetition.  Kat suggested this as a theme for Exploring With A Camera.  It was fun to look back over the summer so far and see where I have “explored” with my friends and my camera.

  Softballs used for batting practice
 Detail on the side of a building
 Luggage at the train station
 Windows and fire escape on a building in Lima
Some kind of cactus at the Franklin Park Conservatory
 Inside the old passenger car on the train
Head on over to Kat’s website to see more examples of repetition and to learn how to use it to your advantage in your photography! 

14 Replies to “Saturday’s Feature and Exploring Repetition”

  1. Lots of great repetition examples! I especially love the baseballs and the luggage. How fun that vintage luggage is! Did you go on an excursion train? Those are always fun. Thanks for joining in Exploring with a Camera!

  2. Deb – wonderful examples of the effective use of repetition to add interest. Love the detail on the scuffed and well-used baseballs and the beautiful light flowing over the luggage at the train station.

  3. WOW, these are all amazing and fun. My favorite is the luggage, would love to sketch those. Like the look of the baseballs togehter. So glad you and your camera have fun together, thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Oooh Deborah. This subject suits you so well. My faves are the baseballs and that last shot on the train. I wish I took that one. Thank you for complementing my photography. That felt really nice-much appreciated. Right back at you on the inspiration.

  5. I've been a little slow lately getting inspired about anything! After seeing these shots, wow, I'm ready to dig through my photos and see what I can find for repetition!! I love them all, no favorites, they're all too good to choose between. But, those suitcases do tug at my nostalgic side!!

  6. You found some great examples of repetition, Deb! The passenger car is beautiful, as are the cacti. But my very fave is the luggage — wonderful colors and composition!

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