As I look back at the few images from our weekend with Dad, I’m noticing a couple of things.  First, I am much more selective these days about what I want to photograph, much less apt to just click away because I want to catch everything.  Now I try to record what moves me.  Which leads to the second thing…no big surprise here…it’s the plants, the trees, the natural things that always draw my eye.  There are also personal moments when I see family members in a new way, in different light, and those moments I try to capture, too.

Mom has always had a ‘green thumb’ and been able to grow lovely plants both indoors and out.  This oak leaf hydrangea has the most interesting blooms, as well as leaves with such luscious texture.  I converted this to black and white so you can see the texture and contrast.

A definition of texture: The distinctive physical composition or structure of something,
especially with respect to the size, shape, and arrangement of its parts.
  The leathery look of the surface of the leaf, it’s unique shape and size make it what it is.  The other leaves may look very similar, but all are different in subtle ways.

This little moment, there in the front yard of my parents’ home, warm sun light filling the space, the feel of that leaf between my fingers, fragrant summer air, the click of the shutter.  

The texture of this little bit of time, recorded here.


4 Replies to “textures”

  1. Deb – great idea to convert to BW – it really does put the emphasis on that amazing texture – so leather-like in its crooks and valleys. It's good to know what really moves you – what it is you want to capture and record.

  2. I love this Deb! Love the b/w look of it, that texture is wonderful and I can feel the leather of it just by looking at it. It's great that you take and learn so much from your photos, always looking for a story with it. Thank for all the sharing and inspiring you do.

    WOW, look at your header and new colors here on your blog, LOVE IT!! So fun to see the changes you do here. I should do that on mine sometime. Thanks for the comment today, I'm doing much better then I thought I would. That first day really knocked me out though, thankfully it was only that day.
    Take care and enjoy the beautiful weather.

  3. Deb, this may be the only time I've ever seen someone post a photo of a hydrangea leaf rather than the blossom. I love the crispness of this image, and the black and white really does emphasize the texture. I can almost feel it.

    I love your new header. It looks like a demonstration of Kat's "repetition" theme this month.

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