While on the porch

Mark and I just spent a lovely weekend with my Dad, staying at home with him so that my Mom could make a trip back to Illinois to meet friends and family.  Dad is not able to travel these days, and we were glad to spend a few days keeping him company.  The few images I want to share with you this week will be from that visit.

There was plenty of time to sit on their porch, in the fresh air, and just listen to the quiet.  I usually had my journal and pen on my lap and the camera right beside me.  Sunday morning the sun was illuminating this spider web.  I may not like spiders, but their webs are so amazing.  Who knows how long this web has been suspended there on that porch, or how many times that spider has had to recreate it.  

It was so good to be there, to have that porch time in the quiet, spider webs and all.  I’m very grateful for that.


5 Replies to “While on the porch”

  1. Wow! This is an amazing example and you captured its delicate beauty perfectly. Works so well in B&W, so that nothing takes away from the amazing circular construction. Love the repetition of the circles in the background bokeh.

  2. Deb, I actually exclaimed "Oh, WOW!" right out loud when I saw this image. What a beautiful spider web – I love the way the circles are centered in that square. I don't think I've ever seen on so perfectly symmetrical!

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