Seeing with new eyes

So since it is Monday and a
new week has begun, and since you may not want to go to work or do
whatever your usual Monday routine is, I thought I’d share this with you
to help start your day. 

I had intended to go to a different place, but the water lilies drew me back.  Each time I have looked at them this year I see them in a different stage, a different light.  
There is a powerful lesson in returning to a place and seeing it with new eyes.  

9 Replies to “Seeing with new eyes”

  1. Thank you for sharing this photo and starting my morning off on a good note. What a pretty flower this is and you captured it's beauty and light so well. Thanks Deb, hope you have a wonderful Monday also.

  2. Hi, Deb!
    I love this water lily picture. It is almost too beautiful and too perfect to be real! In Florida our season changes are very, very subtle. I have learned to watch for the tiny little things that tell me another season is on the way. One of the things I first notice is the slight angle change and the color of the sunlight. One day I will go out to take a walk and it's just different somehow. Thanks for the lovely gift of the lily!
    Peace and Love,

    1. Thanks, Bonnie.

      One day soon I will share an image of the humble little pond this lily grows in. It's in an out of the way place in our city park, and actually has a lot of trash in it, too. But these lilies just have me mesmerized!

      I like your comments about the change of seasons, the subtle changes that you see.

      I'm happy to share this gift from nature with you!

      Love ya!

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