Saturday’s Featured Image

What I tried to capture was that green leaf growing in a tree trunk.
But what caught my attention was this cicada, sitting there
between darkness and light.
I’m not fond of bugs, but the wings of this one are so delicate and beautiful.
I know that these are the “summer bugs” whose sound I love to hear at night.
Their chirping brings back so many fond memories of camping, 
of sleeping with windows open on a warm night,
of being lulled to sleep by their song.
Enjoy your weekend!

5 Replies to “Saturday’s Featured Image”

  1. Deb – amazing capture of a difficult subject – the see-through translucence of wings, so delicate and beautiful. And yes, their sound brings back so many childhood memories – our family week at the state park, camping with the Girl Scouts – the sounds of a summer night

  2. It always amazes me that I find different from what I thought I was looking at..when I stop to see. Exquisite..and such stunning light!

  3. This is a wonderful photo! I remember them, too. I grew up in Las Vegas and some years they would be so numerous that their incessant buzzing would nearly drive us mad. I never saw a live one, but we'd sometimes find an empty shell of one clinging to a tree trunk.

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