This pond I have visited so many times before, yet there is always something new for me to witness.  
There among the water lilies this leaf drifted about in the water. No destination, nothing to guide her, just floating along. 
Finding safe harbor among the other leaves.  

7 Replies to “adrift”

  1. Deb, how pretty this is, you always find something out of the oridinary don't you. Thanks for sharing these words too, I can relate to them right now.

    Thank you for the comments on my blog, always nice to see you there. Enjoy your weekend and the rain!!

  2. Finding something new in a familiar place is one of the best things about photography for me. This leaf appears to be floating above the surface of that mirror-like water, barely registering its weight. Beautiful reflection and glowing light.

  3. This is so beautiful! It needs to be framed! I love that you take the time to really stop and look at what's around you! You spot and capture the beauty of nature so well!

  4. Great eye Deborah. You've found something to out shine the fabulous next to it. I applaud you for slowing down and taking a 2nd look. It is a hard practice-and takes practice, but here you scored big time.

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