that light

We thought it was time to leave.  As we walked over the hill away from the water and all it’s beauty, I happened to look up to see what the sun was doing among the clouds.  

I’m so glad I looked back.

8 Replies to “that light”

  1. Stunning!! I love those little suprise moments when I see something and it makes me gasp!! I'm shooting clouds for the month of August and this reminds me to expand my horizon and include the big picture in some of them!!

  2. This is such a lovely image — there is nothing so beautiful as water and sky reflected in it. So glad you took the time to look around as you were leaving.

  3. ooohh this is a gorgeous one, so glad you looked back. I love the wide angle of this and all the colors together, how lucky for you to be right there with this image. love what you share with us Deb, thank you for sharing!!

  4. One of my most fave times of day. There's almost always a little bonus time after the sun goes down.

    On another note, some of your text is wrapping along the right side of your images. Don't know if that's intentional, something that's just showing up on my little screen or what. Just thought I'd mention it…you know, in case.

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