Sometimes there is only this.

I don’t know why this inspires me. Could be the light, the colors.
Or the transparent wings, so fragile but so strong.

I wonder if it’s that precise landing, knowing just where to be, 
making me wonder what it is about that plant right there.

Then there are those little legs, all grasping and holding on. 

Sometimes this is enough.

7 Replies to “Landing”

  1. I just get this. I'm on vacation in Oregon. And one thing that I promised myself as I headed here is that I was going to give (yes…GIVE) myself lots of time just to take photos that I love. For me. Just cause they speak to me. It has been (is) wonderful! And this photo is one of those captures – it transports me.

  2. WOW, Deb this is amazing and stunning!!! I think you are always in the right place at the right time for some of these stunning photos of yours and your patience pays off, BIG TIME!! He is holding on strong and proud just for you to share with us. Love the whole picture and the angle you got, WAY TO GO DEBORAH!!!!

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