This is a favorite photo of mine from this summer, taken in July when on a photo walk with my gals. There were so many thistle in bloom and the gold finches were having a great time taking what they needed for their nests.  After a tip about their nesting habits from a friend on Facebook, I looked up information about these cute little birds online.  Here is a quote:

“American Goldfinches breed later than most North American birds. They
wait to nest until June or July when milkweed, thistle, and other plants
have produced their fibrous seeds, which goldfinches incorporate into
their nests and also feed their young.”

Though I really don’t consider myself a “birder” I have to admit that this year I have really enjoyed finding them, and capturing them through my lens.  I was able to get within ten feet of this little one, and was using my telephoto on a bright day.  It was as though all the stars aligned just for this…. 

Gotta love when that happens. 


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  1. Great job, to capture both the bird and the thistle in sharp focus while still having that soft background. The colors are so rich, too. Beautiful photo, Deborah!

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