Vison and Verb

Have you ever been so excited about something that it’s hard to sit still?  That’s me today.

I’m happy and humbled to tell you that I have been invited to be a regular contributor to Vision and Verb, a global gathering of women who like to share their images and words.  I have long been a follower of this group of women, and even shared my own post there just recently.  No doubt this will be an opportunity to grow and learn, and to continue to be inspired by these artists.  

This image I’m sharing today is peaceful, filled with sunlight, tall grasses, a little cloud and lots of blue sky.  It’s there just as much for me as it is for you…maybe because I need something calm to settle me down….

Here’s hoping you have a great Monday, wherever you are!


10 Replies to “Vison and Verb”

  1. CONGRATS ON THIS HONOR!!! We are so lucky that you share your special gifts with us, inspire us and make us feel happy with life. I love reading your blog and feeling blessed afterwards. Your photos and words are TRULY BEAUTIFUL AND MOST DAYS JUST WHAT I NEED. Good for you spreading your wings even more. ENJOY IT!!


  2. THAT IS FRICKIN AWESOME! They picked an excellent to represent them. Your stories with your photos are like poetry. I am sooooooooo happy for you.

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