July Photo Heart Connection

So many questions….

Who were they? 
And how old?
How long ago did they carve these initials on this tree?
What made them want to leave this mark?  
And why in this woods, on this particular tree?

What became of them?
Did their love withstand the test of time, 
or did they move on and find another?
Did they know that love always leaves it’s mark? 
Do you think they learned to never take love for granted?

17 Replies to “July Photo Heart Connection”

  1. So many questions come from that carving on the tree! I guess that what was true then (at the time of the carving) was very lovely and that moment was the only one that counted then. Who knows what happened after that? Life happened, and that is a whole new story!
    I like your soft header with the chicory flowers!
    Have a lovely day! Sandra

  2. So many questions asked… We get to provide the answers, for ourselves. Lovely image and thoughts to consider on this morning as I sip my tea and visit you in the Photo-Heart Connection. Thank you!

  3. So many question, unanswered. I think of carving initials on a tree so old fashioned, like Huckleberry Finn, but apparently not. Great find with so many textures.

  4. What a lovely, literal photo-heart connection! It does seem a nostalgic, romantic gesture from some earlier time. I hope it was a couple who did it together, rather than someone pining for an unrequited love. And I hope they are still together…and happy.

  5. What a wonderful find! There's something so warming about initials carved in a tree! True love? I want to think so! I want to think they revisit this site on special days! I love your post, image, and your thoughtful questions!

  6. Your photo evokes so many questions. When we leave our marks in the world, do we ever think about the people who will come upon them in the future, and what they will think? Interesting!

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