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Mark and I go on lots of walks in the woods, whether it be at a city park or at a destination away from town.  Ever since we first met this has been a part of “us”, just walking together, listening to the birds, feeling the breeze, enjoying time away, and often sharing wonderful conversation.  For both of us this seems to be the best way for us to find peace. Last Saturday we had the opportunity do share a walk again.

Many times on our walks we look at totally different things.  I’ll notice trees, sunlight coming through the leaves, the overall scene that we may find ourselves in.  And it’s not that Mark doesn’t notice those things, but he is always looking for a change in patterns.  I can not begin to tell you how many four leaf clovers he has found and handed to me, just like this image shows, on our walks together.  How it usually comes about is that we’ll be walking along when suddenly I see him stopping to pick up something. Next thing I know he is handing me these little treasures.  How can I resist?

Yes, I know, it’s just a little thing, but it means a lot. Those of you who know us personally will know that this is so typical of my husband. He is a very giving person.  He quietly goes about his life helping others, no matter who or when, often above and beyond what anyone would expect.  This quiet example of his has impacted me in so many ways.  

This simple gesture, sharing a little gift that he found on our walk, reminds me of just how richly blessed I really am to be married to this guy.

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  1. what a beautiful image and beautiful thoughts. You might want to consider having this made into a canvas…would be beautiful!! I did this with my husband's hands holding dandelions and I cherish it.

  2. Little things do mean a lot and this little gesture brings tears! You have a very special husband!! I think it's so wonderful in today's fast paced world that you continue to take relaxing walks together! Jerry and I walk each night, but it's not for relazing, it's for our health!! 🙂 I'd rather go for a slow walk and talk!!

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