Photo Collaboration 2

Recently I contacted my friend Cathy of Gramma’s Little Corner to see if she would participate in a photo collaboration similar to one I shared with you here.  I am so glad she said Yes, because I have admired her photographic skills for quite some time.  Plus, she’s a Grandma, and understands so many Gramma things…like how adorable grandchildren are in general but especially how your own grandkids just really top the charts.   

(But I digress….)

We agreed to photograph the morning, using the senses as our guide, then share our images with each other.  In other words, look at the morning through the senses of see, smell, taste, hear, touch, and know.   That last one is more of a sixth sense…what do you know about the morning.  I do want to add that this is not a “contest” to see who gets the better image, but simply a way to see what someone else sees as we share our results.

I’m glad to share those results with you today, including our own comments for each photo. Cathy’s images are shown on the left, mine on the right.

Cathy: “Photography has enabled me to see the world through different eyes; to find the beauty in ordinary things.”
Deb:  When I do my daily practice of yoga I always want to face East and see
the new light of day.  The summer sun just looks like gold on the oak
trees that I see outside that window.  I love that warm light.”
Cathy: “I water my flowers, plants and lawn; take a deep breath and smell the wet, damp earth.”
Deb:  “The aroma of fresh coffee in the morning is soothing and brings up a lot of good memories.”
Cathy: “I taste the honey nut flavor of my cereal for breakfast.”
Deb: “Most mornings I’m a toast with peanut butter and honey gal, but
sometimes it’s cereal.  If I take the time to savor each bite, I enjoy
that taste more.”
Cathy: “The sprinkler is on and I hear the pitter patter of the water drops on my Camellia bush.”
Deb: “It was cool enough to have my kitchen window open, and I could hear the
most wonderful wind chimes (something I don’t normally like). I listened
carefully and found the source – these cute little metal ones on a
(the porch of a) house nearby.” 
Cathy: “I touch the keyboard of my computer as I read my emails and the blogs that I follow.”
Deb: “The morning sun touches these old boards, just as my feet touch that same old porch floor.”
Cathy: “As I see the morning sky, I know I have a brand new day; a day  that I get to choose how to live.”
Deb: “What I know is that when morning comes, it’s a new day, a beginning, a place to start fresh, breathe deep, and have faith.”
Collaborating with someone in a project like this is inspiring, informative, and motivating.  I’m inspired with Cathy’s images, as I knew I would be. She is really great at macro photography, as you can see by her images here.  It’s also interesting to see the similarities and the differences in what we saw through our respective lenses. Be sure to visit Cathy at her website to see what she has to say about our experience.
This collaboration idea is not original with me. It came to me through Liz.  But it is something that really resonates with me and I’d like to hear if it does with you, too.  If you think you’d be interested in a photo collaboration with me please let me know in a comment here. 


12 Replies to “Photo Collaboration 2”

  1. Thanks once again for inviting me to join you! I laughed when I saw we both were eating cereal! Your images all have such a warm feeling to them that I know comes from within you! Love your work!!

  2. What a great idea, LOVE LOVE the results of both your mornings!! I found Cathy's blog thru you awhile ago and love the way you both take amazing pictures, always makes my day!! How LUCKY for me to have both of you here together, DOUBLE HAPPINESS, KINDA LIKE A DOUBLE RAINBOW!!

    These were all beautiful and could feel you both thru them, lovely morning for you both.

    Thanks for sharing!

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