The dress on a hanger

When no one was looking,
the hanger that 
held the dress
came to life.

So delighted was she
to be holding 
the fabric
that she began 
to dance

she was at the ball
swirling and twirling
hearing the 
music flowing
in her head, in 
her heart.

All when
no one
was looking.

9 Replies to “The dress on a hanger”

  1. Deb – oh, I love this – the dancing, twirling dress! What a wonderful mixed-media piece that captures the joy of letting go – when no one is watching 🙂

  2. OH Deb, this is beautiful, LOVE IT!! I can just picture it swirling and dancing!! I'm so excited about your new art bringing out the poem inside of you, such a lovely gift you have.

    Thanks for sharing and making my heart happy and making me SMILE!!

    How sweet is Erin's comment!!

    Hope some of the rain today was in your town also!! HUGS!!

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