A photo collaboration

The challenge was to pair up with someone, take photos either while together or apart, then come together.  Then compare your images that each chose for the senses: see, smell, taste, hear, touch, and know.  I decided to join forces with Rose, a person in the Flickr group for Inner Excavate-Along, and see what would happen.  

Rose lives on the West Coast and we have never met in person.  We are both participating in this online event, and we agreed to take photos on Saturday and share them.  I am happy to share our results with you.  The images in each pair show my own image on the left and Rose’s on the right.


Rose shared these words, These are all from the SummerFest Blueberry Festival at the Wellbrook
Winery in Ladner, British Columbia, BC, about 20 minutes north of where I
live in Point Roberts, WA.  They had a Vintage car show, a quilt show, a
craft fair, lots of food and kids stuff and a model train show.  The
pie eating contest was especially fun (and messy).

The images I shared here are from a photo walk with Becky and Shelly that included Schoonover Park and St. Rose Catholic Church in Lima, Ohio. 

To read the comments on the Flickr page, click here.

6 Replies to “A photo collaboration”

  1. I like both images for each of the senses. It is really interesting share a bit of your world with someone far away and for them to share in return. Great job to both of you!

  2. What a fun idea this is, loved the results from both of you!! The collage way you set it up looks cool also. So happy your learning and enjoying this class. I did check out the link you shared previously and enjoyed it, hoping to come back on my own time and read it more and join in a little late.

  3. Your collaboration turned out so well!! It seems like a fun experience to photograph with your senses in mind! Maybe I'm hungry, but both of your "taste" shots are my favorite!

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