Saturday’s Image – July 21st

From my recent photo walk in downtown Lima, a photo of our court house, taken
from the 14th floor of the Chase Bank building.
Speaking of photo walks, I’m off with my two camera buddies this morning for more fun and laughter.  
I encourage you to turn off the news, go hug your loved ones, and make the most of every moment. And in the meantime, please send loving prayers and thoughts to all of those who are suffering because of senseless acts of violence.
Enjoy that cup of coffee and have a fabulous day!

5 Replies to “Saturday’s Image – July 21st”

  1. How cool to be able to get this shot from up high, looking out over your city, gaining a unique point-of-view! And yes – here's to making the most of every moment.

  2. Such a beautiful shot! I've been taking photos of county courthouses in Arkansas. I'd love to get them all, but that would probably be impossible. I don't travel that much! Anyway, none that I've taken so far are as beautiful as this one with it's clock tower!!

    1. Cathy, thanks! It was a surprise to get to go into this particular building and look down on the city. I was glad for the opportunity, and it really gave us a great perspective on that building.

  3. What a great photo this is, how lucky for you and brave of you to be up that high. Not sure I could go that far up. Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo and words. My heart was broken when I heard, found out a little late due to being in Salt Fork, such a tragedy for them. HUGS TO YOU MY FRIEND!!

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