Exploring (Signs) With A Camera

Kat’s latest theme for Exploring With A Camera is signs. Today I have gone through my archives, even back to a hear ago, and found some interesting examples of signs made in different ways.

 This one made with brightly colored lights on a ride at the Allen County Fair
is just one of so many that light the night sky during that event.  
And, no, I did not ride this…that’s for the young and daring.

 Just look at all the food signs at the fair! So many of them in reds and yellows,
trying to really grab out attention (and taste buds) and inviting us to indulge.

 On the side of this home made ride for little ones are the words 
“God Bless America”.  These barrels were put together like a train, 
pulled by a riding mower.  This is at the Apple Festival in Van Wert, Ohio, last fall.
 This shop owner was preparing for the Christmas shopping season last fall
in Parkersburg, WV.  How many times in our lives have we been told
not to peek?
 A painted sign high atop a grain elevator, taken while visiting
family in Illinois. I am drawn to the signs painted on sides of buildings.
You don’t see too many of those any more.
On a walk around downtown Lima I came across this vacant building
with this sign on the window.  The shadows created by the letters caught my attention,
then I noticed the shadowy silhouette of my friend in the glass.

Kat has lots of other interesting examples of signs that we see everywhere.
You can view them by clicking here.

10 Replies to “Exploring (Signs) With A Camera”

  1. Great, great sign images Deborah! I love them all. That fair food image evokes such memories – you've captured the illuminated signs in that dusky summer light perfectly. And I love signs painted on the sides of buildings too – such layers of history. Thanks for sharing in Exploring with a Camera!

  2. I'm loving seeing everyone's interpretation of this 'signs' assignment. The ones in the amusement park are especially wonderful!

  3. I love images that combine with text. These are all great. I think I like that busy fair shot the best. I need to go through my archives. I think I'll be surprised what I find. have a great weekend Deborah.

  4. What happy and fun signs you have captured – I can smell that carnival mix of sugar and hot grease. Can't understand why you didn't take a ride on the swinging, twirling death trap 🙂 Love the grain elevators – their cylindrical shapes against the sky. Wonderful collection.

  5. Great photos for signs – I love the variety. Our county fair will start on Wednesday, perhaps I even go and take some pictures. Your post has inspired me.

  6. You found some great examples in your archives, Deb! I am also attracted to your fair food images, takes me back to my childhood. This is a fun prompt, isn't it?

  7. Ah, the lights and signs of a county fair…sure brings back memories!! I love the train with it's patriot sign!! My grandson got to ride a similar one that was painted in John Deere green!

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