The rain came today

We are so grateful for what rain we have received today.  Did not even mind getting a little wet walking from the car to go inside.  Rumor has it we may get more this evening.  

My little garden by my back door is happy, and the dirt is still damp from that rain.  A few tomatoes on my one tomato plant are beginning to turn from green to yellow.  Just thinking about picking a fresh, red, ripe tomato off the vine makes my mouth water.

Meanwhile, my paints and papers and glue are beckoning.  Have to see what I can create this evening.


4 Replies to “The rain came today”

  1. When I got up this morning at 6:30, it was dark and just starting to rain. I lit a candle and enjoyed the feeling of what has become unfamiliar.

  2. I love your perspective! I have to remind myself to just squat down and get a different perspective…it is a little hard on my old knees!! So glad you got a rain, it seems to just refresh everything!!

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