I’m a Late Bloomer!

My friend Teresa, from A Smile Maker, has created a new place for Late Bloomers to tell their story.   I’m honored that she chose me as one of her late bloomers!  My story is featured here on her new blog.   Be sure to stop by and meet the other artists she is introducing there.

Teresa’s blog has been one of my favorites for a long time.  She has discovered a gift of drawing in recent years and shares her art on her blog and in her Etsy Shop.  I love her artwork!  A frequent visitor to Learning As I Go, Teresa has always been so supportive and encouraging in my own journey. 

This is one of the perks about blogging that I really enjoy, meeting and connecting with people who share the same interest.  

Thanks, Teresa!

3 Replies to “I’m a Late Bloomer!”

  1. AHHHHHH! Thank you for the nice words. The truth is you have been extremely supportive me of, too. In fact, I was telling my friend today that you were one of the first people I connected with when I first began blogging. And here we are… still going strong. One day I want to meet you, in person.

  2. How sweet this story is, kinda what I'm sharing on my blog today also. Funny that 4 years ago, I couldn't stand computers, didn't want us to have one, thought they were to techie for me. Fast forward to RIGHT NOW and I am sooooo blessed to have found such wonderful friends in the blog world, every single one has been a blessing for me.

    Laughing at you being a late bloomer, you are still young and HIP to me!!
    Will have to check it out!!

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