In my previous post I showed you images of the train that we were able to ride last Sunday.  You can read more about it here on their website

Sitting in the passenger car, traveling maybe 30 miles an hour, moving through wooded areas and passing the backyards of a small town, we could hear and feel the sounds of that engine, the rhythm of the wheels on the track.  Beyond the windows the world seemed to crawl by.  We could look toward the engine and see the billows of smoke coming from the stack.  And a Conductor came through and punched our tickets.

My daughter was able to enjoy a quiet moment while her husband and son were on another part of the train.  Like her, I’m drawn to the view out the window, the blur of the woods as we glide by, and I wonder….what could be around that bend.

May your day be filled with cool breezes and a moment to relax.

Each image process in Light Room 3.


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  1. I love the photo of your daughter on the train. I can so easily put myself there…and tell myself a dozen different stories about that image.

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