The World Our Favorite Toddler

Our weekend with our daughter, son-in-law, and grandson was wonderful, but it was (as always) just too short.  We entered the world of Garrett, the Toddler, and delighted in his laughter, his facial expressions, and his playtime filled with fun.  

Notice that little Elmo on his shoulders in the top left image? Grandpa started it. The game was to have Grandpa place Elmo in the back of Garrett’s shirt, then Garrett gets to ride on Grandpa’s shoulders…and of course Elmo is now getting to ride on Garrett’s shoulders. Now, repeat that scenario about a hundred times (just kidding).  In the lower left you see Garrett running, Daddy close behind.  Love that grin on his face.

There was lots and lots of book reading. And there was some looking out the window into the back yard to see if the bunnies were still out there.   (Smart bunnies stayed hidden because it was so hot.)  And Grandma and Grandpa did have a great time, as shown on their faces.

We all took a steam engine train ride on Sunday afternoon.  I have ridden trains many times in my life, but never on one with a real steam engine.  There is nothing like that chug chug chug of the engine, the steam hissing, and just being in those old passenger cars.  Garrett loved it, though as you can see he was a little shy and overwhelmed at the site of such a huge machine, but Daddy was there to guide, guard, and help him enjoy it, just like he enjoys his little toy train at home.  Daddy and Mommy are doing a wonderful job as parents.

And this image is my favorite from the weekend because of what Garrett is doing. I was reading the Fire Truck book to him and he had Elmo in hand.  I think I might have asked him if he was reading the story to Elmo, and he immediately held him like this so the Elmo could see the pictures of the fire truck.

Then we had to show Elmo to Grandpa who took these last two images. Solo, the dog, was just happy to sit right there with us.

Have I ever mentioned how much fun it is to be Grandma?  


7 Replies to “The World Our Favorite Toddler”

  1. These are so sweet, he's getting so big. How awesome that you got to ride on a steam engine for the first time with your grandson. Love all the play with Elmo that happened.
    Thanks for sharing your grandson with us!

  2. You totally look like you LOVE being a Grandma. I do, too! I think it has a lot to do with me being older and I seem to appreciate things more. Whenever Delaina and Brayden are with me, I am 100% theirs. Being a Grandma looks good on you!

  3. Yes, I would say that being a grandma suits you quite well. What precious and adorable images you have captured of your little dynamo. We have a week in August where we will be babysitting our grandson – can't wait!

  4. Wonderful images to treasure of your time spent with Nathan! He is just precious!! I love that head of blond hair! I totally agree with all the other comments…you look great as a grandma! I love being with my four grandsons. In fact their all arriving tomorrow for a week of fun!!

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