Safe return

We have returned from a fun weekend trip to Illinois to visit family…including that Grandson.  More photos to come later this week.

And our electricity has returned as well.  We were one of those thousands/millions of people without power due to the strong storms that came through the Midwest on Friday. 

Though it’s nice to connect with you online, it is even more exciting to me that now I can do laundry!


2 Replies to “Safe return”

  1. Welcome home, glad your safe and sound!! Sorry to hear about the storms and no power, didn't even know about that. Having the power back on for laundry is indeed a HAPPY thing. How awesome you got to visit your family, can't wait for the pictures!!
    Take care and enjoy the HOT weather we are having and whatever you do on the 4th.

  2. Glad you had a safe trip and are now home!! Also, glad you have power!! I'm looking forward to seeing shots of your grandson and the fun you had together! My grandsons will all be here starting Friday for a week! I can hardly wait!! We're planning lots of cool activities, mostly involving water!! Love your image of the old suitcases! I saw one at a flea market and just had to have it! Haven't done anything with though, but I thought it would make a great photo prompt! Have a great week!

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