Photo Heart Connection – June

Last Friday afternoon while traveling across Indiana we found ourselves at the edge of a storm, and I was fascinated by the cloud formations, the light, the sheer power of the weather rolling across the sky above us. No, I’m not fond of storms. I’d much rather not be driving in them and prefer to be safe inside somewhere.   

But that light in the storm clouds, the rolling, boiling clouds, the rain falling over there in the horizon on the right, and even the headlights of that approaching truck…all of that together tells me the story of that moment.  It was dark, windy, rainy, a bit dangerous, yet there is light over there, indicating that the edge of the storm is not far away.

Somewhere around the bend in the road it began to rain.  We could not tell for sure what was coming, but we kept on going.  Not too many minutes later we moved out of the storm to sunlight and clearer skies.

And that is why this photo speaks to me.  Nature is my muse. There are so many lessons to be learned by just observing what goes on, really seeing the details in all that grows around us.  Storms come and go. Some days are dark and gray, others clear and sunny.  

Life is like that on so many levels.

15 Replies to “Photo Heart Connection – June”

  1. Love this post, Debs! There is so much to learn by observing nature, and your photo captures a powerful image with a powerful message.
    We can't appreciate the sunny days without a few storms.

  2. Beautiful Deb. Just knowing the power carried in that storm makes seeing it here all the more threatening-looking.

    On another note, I thought of your dad's thoughts about clouds being important in landscape photos, and have really started noticing them more as I've looked at your photography, and my cousin's work. He was so right!!

  3. Yes, it reminds me that day turns to night and back again to day – your so right life is like that and we keep going not knowing what is around the corner.

  4. Beautiful post and that sky is incredible. I like the idea that we can be in turbulent storm one minute and sun the next. Great connection.

  5. WOW, this is an amazing and powerful picutre. Love the words to go along with it. I've always loved nature but since finding your blog I find more to love about it.

    Not sure if you saw my new PL post but there's something in there for you!! Take care and enjoy the holiday today.

  6. This is a very powerful picture and your words made it even more so. It is always good to remember that after the storm there comes sunshine.

  7. Deb – you have such a way with words – tying your image to powerful emotions and thoughts. Beautifully written and shot.

  8. So very true! Life sends storms our way, but the sunshine is not often far behind. Where we get if we always ran from the storms? We certainly wouldn't get to where we planned to go! Thanks for sharing this in the Photo-Heart connection. I love it when life truths like this come out!

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