Saturday’s favorite image

Saturday morning….

Did you get to sleep in a bit?

Grab a cup of coffee.  

Hang out in your pajamas. Stay in where it is cool…

I’m sharing another favorite image taken when my friend Becky and I roamed the back alleys of our city and took lots of photos.  This glass block window, reflecting a lovely blue, has been edited using Lightroom, increasing the contrast and creating this wonky angle you see here. 

Maybe if it’s really hot where you are you can imagine that the blue is actually the water in the pool and you are about to jump in…

I’ll be back here on Monday.  

Have a fabulous weekend!

5 Replies to “Saturday’s favorite image”

  1. Isn't it just loads of fun exploring around with your camera! Very interesting shot, and it does look like you could just jump in! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, this is definitely a favorite image. Love your "wonky" angle and the gorgeous blue color – it does look like you could dive right in! Beautiful.

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