Wispy, feather of a cloud,
softly brushing the sky
as the evening song of 
summer bugs fills the air…
suspended there in the 
deep blue sky
shining with the fire 
of the setting sun…

It is as though you are 
there just to reflect 
that light, just to 
remind me of the fiery glow 
that filled this day,
promising to return in the morning.

My Spirit wants to fly 
up there
and catch the light 
and ride on your heavenly mist.

But I’m content 
to touch this small white feather
that lays in the grass,
knowing that once it shared
the wing of a bird
that soared among the clouds…

Deborah L. Tisch

Exploring the shapes of my day.


6 Replies to “Feather”

  1. Deb – this is simply amazing – the way you have captured the desire we all have to soar – through your beautiful and heartfelt and inspiring words.

  2. I'm enjoying tip-toeing through your blog, visiting 'older posts.' I had to pause, sigh, and leave a comment on this particularly beautiful post. Lovely blog. Thanks for allowing me to visit.

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