Morning color

Sun touched clouds in a pale blue sky
silently gliding
constantly shifting and changing
catching the light.
Morning sunlight
on my cat as he
peers inside from his perch,
golden light in his eyes.
filling the kitchen,
apricot walls aglow.
Soft skin of the fruit, 
the scent of apricot,
the texture, soft, juicy,
the flavor taking me
back to that tree I
climbed and played in
as a child.
Poem notes, written as part of an exercise for Inner Excavate – Along with Liz Lamoreux.  
I’m also happy to share today that Denise, author of a delightful blog called Uniquely Tea, has featured one of my photos on her blog post today about Constant Comment Tea.  Be sure to visit here blog and check out her recipe for Constant Comment Tea Cake!  

7 Replies to “Morning color”

  1. Each image is absolutely filled with light creating a wonderful collage. I spent a little time reading previous posts. Have you ever been to the Butterfly House in Toledo? Your butterfly photo was stunning.

    1. Teresa,

      I have heard of the one in Toledo just recently, but have not been there. This one in Columbus was the first I have ever experienced, and it was fabulous.

      Thanks for your kind comments!

  2. This was so wonderful to read and LOVE the collage. I just took picture of my morning light during breakfast yesterday, so awesome to know we were both enjoying the sun together. LOve these poems of yours, they brighten my day, thanks so much for sharing them.

    p.s. Congrats on being featured, how cool. Will go check it out!

  3. I am thoroughly enjoying these exercises you've been perticipating! You been doing a wonderful job! Love you collage, your morning colors are beautiful!

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