Girlfriends and butterflies

Last Saturday I spent several hours in Columbus, Ohio,  with a dear friend, sharing a delightful lunch here, then going to the Franklin Park Conservatory.  I had forgotten just how much talking two women can do in a day…silly me!  We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and talked the entire time.  We were both exhausted at the end of the day, but, oh, it was a happy exhausted.

There is a butterfly exhibit going on at the Conservatory, which is where we spent most of our time, cameras in hand, of course.  Though I took several photos, I’m sad to say that many were not “keepers” and I had to delete them.  But this one I really like because it is not the usual colors, not the bright ones that we often like to see. 

It was an amazing experience just to be in that “room” (rather like a fancy green house) and just stand and watch the many, many butterflies just happily floating around in the air.  Have you ever been to something like this?  If not, I encourage you to find a place that shares such beautiful wonders of nature and just soak it all in.  I’ll be sharing more images from this later in the week.

More importantly, I recommend spending time with friends. Face to face time. Away from the computer, away from the cell phone and text messages, no technology involved.  (Well, we did use her GPS to find our way and avoid getting lost, so some technology may be necessary.)  Take time to share the conversations that need to happen, or just giggle over silly things, or simply be content to share the day.   It’s good for the soul.

Thanks, Gayle, for a wonderful day.  Let’s plan another…


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  1. I'm so happy you had a fun day out with friend. Sorry your pictures didn't all come out, guess you have to go back again, right!!

    Hope to have an afternoon with you talking and enjoying some sights sometime in the near future.

    I think we all need more face to face time with friends/family too.
    Enjoy your week and the warm weather coming our way!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful outing — there is nothing like reconnecting with friends. I took my three year old grandson to a butterfly room, and six or seven alit on him. We were both entranced!

  3. I am still harvesting the beauty and peace of our Columbus trip. The visit to the conservatory reminded me of the need to seek out beauty in this world…to be intentional about it. The peace I feel is a result of our conversation on many topics! Laughter, commiseration, joy, and warmth all come to mind here. I am blessed to have you for my friend, and yes, we must schedule our next adventure soon!

  4. Yes, face time with friends is so important. And yes, butterfly rooms are amazing – I have been lucky enough to experience them several times, including this one. I agree that this image is memorable because you showed us something different from our usual expectations.

  5. This sounds like my kind of outing! My sister and I go on photo outings every chance we can! I've been to a butterfly exhibit one time at a lawn and garden show! This was before I carried my camera, so, sadly I have no pictures!! There's an annual butterfly festival with "butterfly house" about three hours away at one of out state parks. I couldn't go this year due to date conflicts but, I'm certainly going to try to go next year!! I love the butterfly you captured! It's so unusual and beautiful! I'm glad this unique one turned out for you! It is tricky to capture these little guys!!

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