Trees to climb

I have come
from a beautiful place
filled with love and light, 
where daily living
brought forth works of art,
where work sometimes became play,
and there were always trees to climb.
I am here,
in a beautiful place
where I do my best to
share the love that I receive,
where simple images of the moment
speak to me of art and life,
where work is another way to create,
and the trees share their stories.
I go forward,
trusting that my journey
will always be filled with love,
that each day
will hold precious art to be discovered,
where I hope to express
my heart’s desire in my work and my play,
and where,
in the shade of the trees,
I will still listen to their whispers.
Deborah L. Tisch

8 Replies to “Trees to climb”

  1. Wow have been writing such beautiful poetry lately. Have you always written poetry or is this a new talent you have discovered?

    1. LeAnne,
      Writing poetry is something I have done off and on since I was a teenager. But like photography and so many other things, it can easily be shoved to the background by negative thoughts, time crunches, and many other feeble excuses. I'm enjoying allowing this to "come back", as it feels like what I'm meant to do. Thank you for such a nice comment, I'm glad that you are enjoying it!

  2. I'm glad that you are giving yourself the time and the space to explore poetry again. The combination of your images and your words, together, make for a powerful statement of beauty.

    1. Thank you, Brenda! I'm so grateful that you visit here and I value your comments.

      And you are so right…I do have to give myself the time and space to do this. That is probably the most important lesson for me.

  3. Deborah, what can I say, you left me speechless again!! I'm thrilled that your making time for poetry in your life, you have a gift with words my friend and by sharing them you bring happiness, hope, love and more to others. I actually got goosebumps reading it, the line " simple images of the moment speak to me of art & life" really speaks to me.

    Love the lines about the trees, they are amazing to me also!!
    Enjoy the weekend!

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